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Alex Romane; Track Remix Apps
  • • Play the track
  • • Create your own remixes
  • • Share them on your networks
  • • Potable Apps - no need to install



Alex Romane; Animated Visuals
  • • PC + Mac
  • • Mobile Phones
  • • Digital Picture Frames
  • • Projector Phones
  • • iPhones
  • • iPads
  • • iPods
  • • TV's


Alex Romane; Audioscape Builder
  • • Create your own environment
  • • 24 stereo effects
  • • Runs in Windows
  • • Runs in Flash Devices
  • • No need to install

Buy Alex's music as a TRA [Track Remix App]

- Listen to the full-length version of the track.

Alex Romane - Aurora Borealis TRA Screen 1

- Create your own remixes and extended versions in the built-in studio, then share them across your networks under your own name [click the image to enlarge]:

Alex Romane - Aurora Borealis TRA Screen 1

All EMP apps are portable [no need to install].

Payment transactions are managed directly on the PayPal secure server and are NOT processed on this server. As such, EMP will not see, collect, handle, manage, store, or distribute any personal or payment information that relates to you or to your TRA purchase [membership of PayPal or of this website is not required].

After making your TRA purchase, a download link will be emailed to you directly from the FetchApp server so that you can collect your TRA. If after this point you have any questions about your TRA, please click the Guide button [bottom left in the TRA] and if you still have any questions after reading through the guide, then please contact us via the email address detailed in the Menu screen of the app.


• Windows PC and Laptop
• Android [if using an appropriate converter app - not guaranteed]
• Mac if using WineBottler or any equivalent converter

• Mac PowerPC
• Mac OS1 to OS9
• Intel Mac if with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with Rosetta installed

We are developing other app formats and will display them [above] when available.

Aurora Borealis TRA [Original Mix]

MP3 Preview [Associated remixes are available as MP3s on all major platforms].

Aurora Borealis EXE [15 MB]; £1

Aurora Borealis TRA [EXE] - Add to Cart

Aurora Borealis HQX [21 MB]; £1

Aurora Borealis TRA [HQX] - Add to Cart

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