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Daddy Freddy

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Alex Romane ft. Daddy Freddy; War 2021
MP3 available exclusively from this website
Daddy Freddy; War 2021
War 2021 [Drum and Bass Mix]

Daddy Freddy; War Drum and Bass Mix] Preview Play Video on YouTube

War 2021 [Electro Dub Mix]

Daddy Freddy; War [Electro Dub Mix] Preview Play Video on YouTube

Daddy Freddy War Bundle [2 tracks]

Daddy Freddy; War [releases from 2002-2007]:

Daddy Freddy; War [Original Mix] PreviewPlay Daddy Freddy War [Original Mix] Video on YouTube
War [Original Mix]

Daddy Freddy; War [Ban the Bomb Mix] PreviewPlay Daddy Freddy War [Ban the Bomb Mix] Video on YouTube
War [Ban the Bomb Mix]

Daddy Freddy; War [Pacifist Mix] PreviewPlay Daddy Freddy War [Pacifist Mix] Video on YouTube
War [Pacifist Mix]

Daddy Freddy; War [Free the Youth Mix] Preview Daddy Freddy; War [Free the Youth Mix] MP3
War [Free the Youth Mix]

Daddy Freddy; War [Diplomacy Mix] Preview Daddy Freddy; War [Diplomacy Mix] MP3
War [Diplomacy Mix]

Daddy Freddy War Bundle [5 tracks]

Daddy Freddy; Drum and Bass Rerelease

I met Daddy Freddy in 2002 through African [the producer at Humal Music in Birmingham] and the plan was to produce a Speed Garage track. I had several instrumentals already produced and brought my computer into the studio so that Daddy Freddy could choose from a range of tracks, instead of me dictating the track that he would be performing on.

However, while he was setting-up in the vocal booth, I started playing one of my Drum and Bass tracks to one of his friends in the control room and just a few bars into playing it, Daddy Freddy started toasting on it in the vocal booth.

I let the track run and Daddy Freddy did his thing right through to the end with no let up and as soon as it had finished, he asked me if it was available. I told him that it was and African agreed to go with it. However, it was never release by Humal and it wasn't until 2007 that I was in position to release it myself.

I always felt that this track never fulfilled its potential and the vocal that Daddy Freddy recorded was too good for me to not want to give it another shot and, I also believe that this track is more relevant now than it was back then - hence the 2021 rerelease featuring Daddy Freddy's original vocal recording.

With protesters and non-voters now forming the largest demographic in most nations, the need for global reform to true democracy is confirmed.

I believe that Daddy Freddy's life-long message about peace and unity is more relevant now than it has ever been so have recently released War 2021 in the hope of promoting lawful [and therefore peaceful] reform to non-left/right true democracy/self rule/unity that would get rid of the lying, self-serving, pro-left/right division, cash and kiddy-fiddling, planet-killing, oil and war-addicted politicians who Daddy Freddy and myself both hate.

The [blacked-out] People's Administration true democracy reform template that went live in March 2010 can be implemented lawfully and without violent revolution in any country even outside a general election - should the people choose it. Freedom is the ability to make choices and power is the ability to influence [money is not power because money requires the recipient to choose to take it] and there is no point demanding from politicians something that we are all born with. It is up to use [the people] to use our existing freedom to choose to empower ourselves and each other.

Protest is futile [repeating an action that always results in failure forms part of the clinical definition if insanity] and amounts to nothing more than begging [empowering] our servants [which is pathetic and demeaning] and fighting the police who do not set policy and this is why protest is tolerated [and even encouraged] by the politicians.

The only legal architecture that has the mechanics to support nations that have a multitude of conflicting ethics and cultures is true democracy, where all have an equal share in the power regardless of their race, culture, class, or religion. There is no further point of devolution than that of devolving power to the individual and, there is no smaller minority than that of the individual. This is why it is ONLY possible to achieve true social unity through lawful [and therefore peaceful] reform to non-left/right true democracy [love/empowerment of each other]. Put simply; This planet can no longer tolerate being ruled exclusively by undiagnosed psychopaths.

Alex Romane

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